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What Types of Mattresses Work Best with Murphy Beds?

Murphy beds, also known as wall beds or pull-down beds, are ingenious space-saving solutions that have gained popularity for their ability to maximize the utility of small living spaces. These beds can be tucked away vertically into a wall or a cabinet, freeing up valuable floor space during the day. However, choosing the right mattress for your Murphy bed is crucial to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep and the longevity of your bed. We’ll explore the various types of mattresses that work best with Murphy beds and provide insights into selecting the perfect one for your needs.

Why Choose a Murphy Bed?

Before diving into mattress options, it’s essential to understand why Murphy beds are an excellent choice for small spaces. Here are 10 reasons why you might choose a Murphy bed:

  1. Space Maximization: Murphy beds are renowned for their ability to maximize space by folding up vertically into a wall or cabinet, leaving more floor space available during the day.
  2. Versatility: These beds are incredibly versatile and can be installed in various settings, including small apartments, home offices, guest rooms, or even living rooms. They seamlessly blend into your decor.
  3. Comfort and Convenience: Modern Murphy beds come with comfortable mattresses, providing a restful night’s sleep.
  4. Guest Accommodations: Murphy beds are an excellent choice for guest rooms, allowing you to use the space for other purposes when not hosting guests.
  5. Home Office Integration: A Murphy bed in your home office can transform the room into a multifunctional space, balancing work and relaxation.
  6. Customization: Murphy beds come in various styles, sizes, and finishes, allowing you to customize them to match your interior design.
  7. Space for Activities: When stowing away your bed during the day, you create more space for activities like yoga, exercise, or children’s play.
  8. Enhanced Home Value: Installing a Murphy bed can increase the resale value of your home by showcasing its space-saving potential.
  9. Decluttering: Murphy beds encourage tidiness as they necessitate clearing the area before folding away, helping you maintain an organized living space.
  10. Flexibility for Small Homes: In small apartments or studios, Murphy beds are essential for creating a comfortable living environment without sacrificing sleeping space.

These reasons highlight the practicality and versatility of Murphy beds, making them an attractive choice for those seeking to optimize their living spaces. Murphy beds offer several advantages, such as:

Space Maximization

Murphy beds are the epitome of space efficiency. When not in use, they fold up and disappear into the wall or cabinet, leaving you with ample floor space for other activities.


These beds are incredibly versatile and can be installed in various settings, including small apartments, home offices, guest rooms, or even living rooms. They blend seamlessly into your decor.

Comfort and Convenience

Modern Murphy beds come with comfortable mattresses that provide a restful night’s sleep. However, choosing the right mattress type is crucial for comfort. Now that we’ve highlighted the benefits of Murphy beds, let’s explore the mattress options that pair best with them.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses, known for their traditional coil support systems, are a popular choice for Murphy beds. Here’s why:


Innerspring mattresses are known for their longevity, making them a great choice for Murphy beds that fold and unfold regularly.


They offer excellent support, ensuring you don’t compromise on comfort while saving space.


Innerspring mattresses tend to provide better airflow, which can help regulate your body temperature and keep you cool throughout the night.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are another viable option for Murphy beds. Consider the following:

Space Adaptability

Memory foam mattresses conform to your body’s shape, making them an excellent choice for a comfortable night’s sleep in limited space.

Motion Isolation

These mattresses excel at isolating motion, ensuring that you won’t disturb your partner when you get in or out of bed.


Hypoallergenic memory foam options are available, making them suitable for those with allergies.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are becoming increasingly popular for Murphy beds due to their unique properties:


Latex is a natural material derived from rubber trees, making latex mattresses an eco-conscious choice.


These mattresses are highly resilient, meaning they quickly return to their original shape after being compressed, ideal for Murphy beds.


Latex offers excellent support, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing pressure points.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses combine the best of both worlds by incorporating innerspring coils and memory foam or latex layers:

Balanced Comfort

Hybrid mattresses offer a balance between support and comfort, making them a versatile choice.

Enhanced Durability

The combination of materials enhances the overall durability of the mattress, crucial for Murphy beds.

Customizable Options

You can find hybrid mattresses with varying firmness levels, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preference.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mattress

Selecting the right mattress for your Murphy bed involves more than just mattress type. Here are some key factors to consider:


Ensure the mattress isn’t too thick for your Murphy bed’s design. Thicker mattresses may not fold away as easily.


Consider the weight of the mattress. Heavier mattresses may be more challenging to lift and secure in a vertical position.


Make sure the mattress dimensions match your Murphy bed’s frame to prevent any fit issues.

Comfort Level

Choose a mattress with a comfort level that suits your sleeping preferences, whether it’s firm, medium, or plush.


Set a budget and explore options within your price range, keeping in mind that a good mattress is an investment in your sleep quality.


Murphy beds are exceptional space-saving solutions, but selecting the right mattress is vital to ensure a good night’s sleep. Innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and hybrid mattresses all have their unique advantages. Consider factors like thickness, weight, size, comfort level, and budget when making your decision. When choosing the perfect mattress for your Murphy bed, you can enjoy both a comfortable night’s sleep and the convenience of a well-organized living space. Sweet dreams!

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